Automat TORO 1100 is used for the production of drop-cloths folded in cubes (for ex. typical 5x4m). Foil sleeves  with 2m width, full laps and cut aside, constitute its initial material. Thus obtained foil roll with approx. 1m width is then placed on the unwinder of TORO 1100.

The machine is equipped with 2V and 2C assemblies and it folds the foil web twice, reducing its width. The roll-bag machine accurately measures the web length – according to the entered program, and it folds the cloth in a rectangle.

 Thus produced cloths are then transported on a band outside the machine range.


TORO 1100 in operation with 2V and 2C assemblies

Eltex - manufacturer of machinery for the production of foil bags and drop-cloths. The offered roll-bag equipment from the KARO series produces (depending on the configuration) bags for selected waste collection, classic garbage bags, star-sealed bags, t-shirt and other types of foil bags. The TORO 1100 roll-bag machine produces drop-cloths. The machinery offered by ELTEX can use recycled foil.

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