Technical properties

Automatic line (roll-bag machine) for the production of bags on perforated reels, wrapped with paper label (band). Roll-bag machines working on two independent lines (tracks). Independent sealing temperature control on each performance track facilitates the sealing of foil from different raw material (or recycled material).

Foil with side laps is mounted on V assembly  in half, and is subsequently sealed and perforated, which results in obtaining  a star-sealed bag.
It is possible to simultaneously run side -by-side  the production of two seals with perforation between the seals, followed by performing a “sinus” perforation. We thus produce  t-shirt bags convenient in tying.



Bag types:



Karo 800 DUO - 1 track work without assembly

Karo 800 DUO work with a wrapper

Karo 800 DUO work with 2V assemblies and wrapper

Karo 800 DUO with 1C assembly (one-track work)

Eltex - manufacturer of machinery for the production of foil bags and drop-cloths. The offered roll-bag equipment from the KARO series produces (depending on the configuration) bags for selected waste collection, classic garbage bags, star-sealed bags, t-shirt and other types of foil bags. The TORO 1100 roll-bag machine produces drop-cloths. The machinery offered by ELTEX can use recycled foil.

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